This section of colombiapeace.org presents brief articles offering basic, fact-filled explanations of persistent, evergreen topics. Each looks at an aspect of Colombia’s conflict, peace effort, human rights challenges, or U.S. policy.

These Explainers are never “finished.” WOLA edits and updates them frequently as new information emerges. Months from now, some may look quite different.

During the first half of 2020, WOLA is adding approximately one Explainer per week to this page. Serious ideas for topics to cover are welcome, the comments are open at the bottom of this page.

Coca Cultivation and Eradication

An overview of the bush used to make cocaine, the criminal activity that has grown up around it, its relation to the conflict, and unsuccessful efforts to eradicate it.

Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration

How the FARC turned in its weapons, and how ex-fighters are reincorporating into society.


An overview of Colombia’s largest remaining guerrilla group: its origins, structure and geography, financing, human rights record, and past peace negotiations.

FARC Dissident Groups

A growing web of armed groups made up of former FARC guerrillas who either rejected the peace accord or have taken up arms again.

Protection of Ex-Combatants

Former FARC fighters are facing threats and attacks. These are the measures the peace accord proposed to protect them.

Territorial Stabilization, or Comprehensive Rural Reform

Coming soon.

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