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Public domain photographs about peace, security, and human rights in Colombia

May 8, 2020

Photo source: Tweet from Unidad Víctimas @UnidadVictimas

Tweet: “Two restitution measures and one satisfaction measure contemplated in the comprehensive reparation plan, will be implemented in La Gabarra township, Tibú municipality, Norte de Santander, one of the populations most affected by the armed conflict.”

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February 5, 2020

Photo source: Efraín Herrera, Colombian Presidency

President Duque lays the ceremonial first brick in what will be a “Museum of Memory” honoring conflict victims. Some victims’ groups protest outside against Duque’s appointed director of the governmental Center for Historical Memory, Dario Acevedo (left), who in the past held the common right-wing view of denying the existence of an armed conflict.

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