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Protect Colombia’s Peace

Published by the Latin America Working Group Education Fund, WOLA, and 22 other organizations on July 23, 2020.

Outlines the current challenges of Colombia’s peace process, across the board, and makes recommendations for U.S. policy.

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Siete proposiciones que demuestran porqué los Planes de Desarrollo con Enfoque Territorial – PDET del Gobierno no son los PDET concebidos en el Acuerdo de paz

Publicado por el Centro de Pensamiento y Diálogo Político el 18 de abril de 2020.

A report from a think tank affiliated with the FARC political party alleges that the Territorially Focused Development Programs (PDET) are departing from the vision foreseen in the peace accords’ first chapter.

Tags: Compliance with Commitments, PDET, Stabilization